Weather forecasters issue ‘thunderstorm’ warning with flood alerts across UK

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    Brits are set to see thunderstorms and flooding today (Sunday, March 19), according to weather forecasters.

    A flood warning is in place for Keswick Campsite in the Lake District, and another 17 flood alerts have been issued across England and Wales after much of the country was hit by heavy downpours on Saturday (March 16).

    Experts have predicted the thunderstorms will start in the late morning and will continue until the afternoon, with the worst of the storms expected to hit eastern Wales, the Midlands and the north of England.

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    Ian Simpson, a forecaster at Netweather, told the Express: "A number of fronts will bring areas of rain through the day.

    "Between these areas of rain will be brighter skies, with surface heating in sunny spells beneath cold air of upper trough aloft leading to an unstable slack southerly flow across south west England, Wales, Midlands and northern England.

    "Surface heating and local breeze convergence will support the development of heavy showers and increasingly a few thunderstorms late morning and through the afternoon."

    "Storms most likely across eastern Wales, Midlands and northern England."

    Flood alerts are in place predominantly in the south of England and midlands, including parts of Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire and Shropshire, but the Lake District and parts of Wales are affected as well, according to

    Some areas of the country will remain dry with sunny spells initially, but the northwest of England and parts of Scotland are also expected to see rain later in the day.

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    The downpours will continue beyond the weekend accompanied by strong winds and coastal gales travelling from west to east across the country on Monday and Tuesday.

    The rest of the week will see the gloomy weather continue, with periods of heavy rain as well as lighter showers and some occasional severe winds.

    A few thunderstorms are also expected later in the week.

    And although parts of the UK were covered by frost this morning, temperatures are expected to be higher than average next week as milder conditions continue.


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