Vladimir Putin ‘keeps drunk soldiers in ground as punishment for intoxication’

Russian despot Vladimir Putin forces drunk soldiers into holes in the ground as punishment for being drunk, it has been claimed.

According to the Ministry of Defence's daily intelligence update, Russian troops are likely being subjected to makeshift dungeons as a form of discipline.

This horrifying tactic is reportedly wheeled out if squaddies are intoxicated or refuse to fight in the controversial Ukraine war, the Independent reports.

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The holes, that are called 'Zindans', are covered with a metal grille. MoD chiefs say they have heard multiple reports of the punishment being used.

They said: "In recent months, Russian commanders have likely started punishing breaches in discipline by detaining the offending troops in 'Zindans' which are improvised cells consisting of holes in the ground covered with a metal grille.

“Multiple recent reports from Russian personnel give similar accounts of being placed in Zindans for misdemeanours including drunkenness and attempting to terminate their contracts.”

"In the early months of the war, many Russian commanders took a relatively light touch in enforcing discipline, allowing those who refused to soldier to quietly return home.

“Since Autumn 2022, there have been multiple increasingly draconian initiatives to improve discipline in the force, especially since Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov assumed command of the operation in January 2023.”

The Russian war against Ukraine has been littered with claims that Russians are mistreating their own troops and prisoners of war.

Zindans are an ancient medieval punishment technique to clamp down on this perceived ill discipline.

The victim could be denied food or supplies while being left humiliated in plain sight in the makeshift cage.

The news comes after 'thick' Russian soldiers contracted radiation sickness after a boozy camp out at Chernobyl.

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They spent a fortnight sleeping, eating and drinking in the Red Forest next to the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster – even fishing in the reactor's cooling chamber.

Ukrainians living nearby warned the invaders of the dangers of what has remained one of the most radioactive places on Earth since the power plant blew up 37 years ago.

But locals said the troops – who arrived shortly after the Russian invasion in February last year – ignored them.


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