Vile social media scam falsely claims Queens kidnapped and demands ransom

A number of bizarre and distasteful scams claiming that the Queen has been kidnapped are circulating on social media.

A screenshot of one of the stange messages sent out from an anonymous user was shared on Twitter along with a warning.

"Hi it's the Queen I am not dead I am kidnapped," the scammer's message reads.

The con artist then asks for £500 as a ransom and claims that they are "with captain tom" – presumably a reference to Captain Sir Thomas Moore, the war veteran and NHS fundraiser who died in February 2021 at the age of 100.

The user who posted the scam tweet wrote: "scam goin round be careful nuff said."

Another scam shread on Twitter is from the user @_CarLocos_, who again claims to be the late Queen Elizabeth II.

"Hello this is Queen Elizabeth II, I didn't really die," the message reads. "But I need £200 in order to leave the country, I have Diana here with me too."

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Many replied to the tweets with words of disbelief, disgust and due warning.

"What? That’s utterly bizarre," one person wrote.

Another warned that some will "actually fall for this, especially if they are dealing with loneliness or depression".

"Yes to you & me its looks obvious, but to someone going through it might seem like there is a light at the end of their tunnel that maybe someone cares enough to ask them for a favor," they added.

Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire on Thursday, August 8.

On Saturday, the royal family received the condolences of well-wishers when they viewed floral tributes left in memory of the late Queen at her homes of Balmoral and Windsor Castle.

The Prince and Princess of Wales were joined by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in a show of unity as they went on a walkabout meeting the public close to the Berkshire castle.

Earlier on Saturday, King Charles III was formally confirmed as the nation’s new monarch during a meeting of the Accession Council.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be held on Monday, September 19.

You can leave your tributes to Queen Elizabeth II here.


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