Up to 60 people infected at Christmas party in biggest outbreak of Omicron

A Christmas party at a restaurant has left up to 60 people infected with coronavirus, which is believed to have been the Omicron variant.

Employees at Scatec took a business trip to South Africa and decided to celebrate festivities following their recent return to Norway.

But their Christmas dinner turned into a night full of contagion and is thought to have struck between 50 to 60 vaccinated people ill, in what is thought to be the world's largest Omicron outbreak.

The staff had a meal at Louise Restaurant & Bar in Aker Brygge last week after they all reportedly received a negative test result before they entered, their company said.

Marta Zlotkowska, a business development analyst, posted photos of a view from an aeroplane window on Instagram, after visiting Scatec's Cape Town office three weeks ago.

And although there was nothing to suggest she brought the variant back to Norway with her, she appeared to be isolating since the reported outbreak, as confirmed on social media in a post she captioned "Quarantine Day #2".

It has been reported that 50 people tested positive with a PCR test and 10 others with a lateral flow after the event. However, none of them are thought to be seriously ill.

It has since been confirmed that there has been one positive Omicron case since the party took place as Oslo authorities said more infections were "expected", reports Daily Mail.

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The party was held in a closed room but the employees are thought to have mingled with other guests in the restaurant later on into the night when the space turned into a nightclub.

Infections spread outside the room as at least two guests at the venue also tested positive for coronavirus. Although it remains unclear whether they were affected at the event or somewhere else.

It has been reported that Norway has a high uptake for vaccinations, with more than 71% of their population fully vaccinated.

Jorum Thaulow, head of the infection tracking team in Oslo west, told Avisa Oslo: "We have not received it definitively confirmed, but there are very strong indications that it is Omicron in this outbreak."

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He said all the cases were treated as though they were the Omicron variant and told those infected to self-isolate for seven days.

Authorities warned that at least one of the people infected then went to an Old Irish Pub at Majorstuen on Saturday evening.

They said in a statement: "At the moment one person is confirmed as infected with Omicron but more cases are expected,' the city said in a statement.

"We are working actively with contact tracing to limit the spread and prevent bigger outbreaks."

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