Ukrainian soldier mocks Russian troops scrambling to escape

Ukrainian soldier appears to show abandoned Russian weaponry

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As Ukrainian forces are conducting a major counteroffensive in Russian-occupied southern Ukraine, Ukrainian soldiers are getting their hands on the military equipment Russians have left behind. Footage allegedly captured in the Kherson region shows Ukrainians mocking Russian soldiers over the abandoned weapons, as they desperately scramble to leave the area.

A Ukrainian soldier can be heard saying: “This is that wonderful moment when the Russian army is running.

“And it becomes the main sponsor of the armed forces of Ukraine, leaving us with many interesting toys, which we will return to their a****.

“We will catch up with them with their own bullets.”

According to Ukrainian officials, Ukraine’s armed forces claimed on Monday they “have broken through the frontline in several places.”

The counteroffensive appears to form part of a long-awaited operation being launched by Kyiv in a renewed attempt to retake the country’s south.

Kherson was the first major Ukrainian city to fall under Russian occupation in the early days of the war.

A spokesperson for Ukraine’s military command says that Russian-held bridges in the Kherson region have been made “unusable” by Ukrainian forces.

“Those bridges that are considered the main transport arteries over the Dnipro River are rendered unusable,” spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said during a video briefing.


“That’s why the enemy and the occupational regime are trying to install alternative crossings,” the spokesperson said/

“However, the geography and current of the river, especially in this region, allow them to install pontoons only there, where the bridges are located.”

The Ukrainian Army in the south has killed approximately 160 Russian soldiers and destroyed 60 pieces of equipment overnight, striking three bridges in the blast, Ukraine’s Operational Command South reported.

In a potential sign of Ukrainian turning the tide of the war, the British defence ministry said in an intelligence report that, as of Monday, “several brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces increased the weight of artillery fires in front line sectors across southern Ukraine.”

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Ukraine’s presidential office reported Tuesday that “powerful explosions continued during the day and night in the Kherson region. Tough battles are ongoing practically across all” of the strategic area. 

According to a Ukrainian official in Kherson, “the Russians are forming large columns of equipment in Crimea and sending them towards the temporarily occupied Kherson region. It is important to make sure that this equipment is not moved to the front line. And here we are watching – strikes on the Antonivka Bridge again.”

In a nightly address on Monday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Russian troops it was time for them to “run away, go home” and that “the occupiers must know we will chase them to the border.”

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