Ukraine launching ‘rape hunters’ as Russians attack ‘people aged 4 to 85’

An international law firm is setting up a specialist Russian rapist hunting and prosecuting team to nail evil sexual criminals in Ukraine.

Legal outfit Global Rights Compliance is setting up the Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team to help catch sick Russian troops who have been raping innocent Ukrainian citizens.

The news comes amid reports that Vladimir Putin’s forces have been raping people as young as four and old as 85.

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Sexual violence in the country has become a significant issue in the wartorn country since Vladimir Putin’s invasion in February of this year, and the stakes of the team’s efforts remain incredibly high.

In an anecdotal allegation from a woman who chose to remain anonymous, she claimed she was raped by a Russian soldier while her five-year-old was in the next room.

She believes her child was then raped orally.

Another allegation stated that in a separate village women were herded into a basement by Putin’s forces with the aim of being systematically raped one by one.

Throughout the war, it has been feared Russia has been conscripting known criminals and rapists to fight in Ukraine.

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The new unit is designed to help local Ukrainian law enforcement and Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecution as they hunt for Russian troops still at large in the country.

It is compiled of investigators and prosecutors from both Ukraine and around the world and is designed to help with the process of catching and imprisoning Russian rapists by aiding at all stages of the process.

Wayne Jordash KC, a partner at Global Rights Compliance, is leading the new team in its mission.

He said: “Putin’s forces are committing sexual violence crimes on a widespread scale.

“The evidence shows that Russian commanders are acquiescing, encouraging, and even ordering these sexual violence crimes.

“The pattern of rape and other acts of sexual violence against innocent Ukrainian women, men and children suggests a desire to humiliate and terrorise civilians.

“Consistent with Putin and his forces stated attempt to strip a nation of its human and national identity, the crimes seem to be a deliberate attack on the very fabric of Ukraine’s society.

“The formation of the Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team is intended as another tool for the Ukrainian justice system to use to seek justice for Ukrainian survivors.

“Working at the behest of the Ukrainian authorities, we will work to ensure that those who suffer these terrible crimes are supported and that Putin’s men are brought to account.”

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