UK storm forecast: Lightning to smash Britain as nation hit by 10C plunge – latest maps

BBC Weather: Flash flood warnings amid heavy storms

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While Britons have been basked in sunshine this week, forecasters have now issued a yellow weather warning for heavy showers and storms. For large parts of the country, the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for rain and thunderstorms for today and Friday. Such is the heavy rain expected over the next 24 hours, forecasters have warned of flash floods in some areas.

As reported by the BBC’s Simon King, Chartwell in Scotland saw a record high of 28.8C (82.4) on Wednesday.

As the band of wet weather rolls in, he has predicted temperatures in Charterwell will now fall to 18C (64F).

Temperatures across the country reached 30C on Wednesday, exceeding the highs of last month.

However, even the eastern parts of England will now fall to 23C (73F) due to the wet weather front.

Mr King said: “Yesterday was Scotlands warmest September day since 1906 with 28.8°C at Chartwell.

“Today there’ll be a 10C drop with only 18/19°C!

“East England will still be grasping onto some of the warmth.”

In addition, Terry Scholey from Netweather, predicted temperatures will drop over the next few days as the mercury settles to normal September levels.

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Commenting on today, the forecaster said: “It’ll turn somewhat cooler and fresher over the next few days, with temperatures closer to the September normal.

“After a murky, misty start towards some coasts of the North East and East Scotland, we already have bursts of rain and a few storms that affected some parts overnight.

“These are currently in the far North, over Northern Ireland, southern Scotland East of the Pennines and over Lincolnshire and will trundle their way North through the day, into remaining parts of Scotland.

“We have some hazy sunshine across the Midlands and South, but we already have another batch of heavy showers over South Wales and the West Country.

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“These become more widespread with embedded thunderstorms locally severe in central and western parts, giving torrential downpours bringing the risk of flash flooding.”

In the east of England, the temperatures will be the highest with the BBC claiming parts of Anglia will hit 25C (77F).

London and parts of the south will also temperatures rise to 23C on Thursday.

Commenting on the forecast today, Mr Scholey added: “Further East, there should be fewer showers, with parts of East Anglia and the South East likely to see the best of the sunny spells on offer.

“It’ll be somewhat cooler with more cloud, but it’ll still become very warm in the East, where it’ll also remain quite humid. Here temperatures could easily reach 24 or 25C, but across the bulk of the country 18 to 23C is more likely.

“An East wind over Scotland keeps North Sea coasts cooler, with a southerly wind further South gusty in the vicinity of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

“Northern Ireland and Scotland see further bursts of heavy and thundery rain, where it’ll turn misty and murky in places overnight.

“Across England and Wales, there’ll be broken skies with the showers and storms into the evening gradually fading after dark.”

He concluded: “Over the weekend, we’ll see weather more akin to September in cooler, fresher conditions.

“There’ll be showers at first, mostly in the North and East, but as pressure builds again, it’ll be mainly dry by Sunday with sunny spells in generally light winds.”

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