UK heat maps show exact date summer weather returns – and how hot it will be

Advanced weather maps pinpoint exactly when summer will return to the UK and just how high temperatures might reach.

Despite a miserable July and storms to come this weekend, weather forecasters all say August should bring warmer conditions with things tipped to start improving from next week.

Earlier this week both the Met Office and BBC Weather announced sunshine looks to be returning next week. The BBC even went as far as to say: "We have finally found summer!"

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WX Charts' heat maps now reveal exactly when things will start to warm up.

For Thursday (August 10) they show temperatures reaching as high as 26C along the south coast at around 6pm. People further north and into the Midlands can expect 24C, although beyond that temperatures will struggle to reach 20C.

Temperatures look to be a notch or two lower on Friday (August 11) and Saturday (August 12) before 26C returns in the south on Sunday (August 12).

The Midlands can expect 25C on that Sunday, and further north temperatures will be in and around the low-20Cs.

Monday (August 14) looks to be the hottest of the lot with 28C heat coming to those in and around London.

The heat looks to be primarily in the east of the UK, with the south-east and East Anglia enjoying 26C to 27C. Temperatures in the north-east could hit 24C, although elsewhere things look to be far cooler.

Some forecasters have even said we could see a return of 30C temperatures next week.

Jim Dale, Senior Meteorological Consultant at British Weather Services, told GB News: "This time next week, maybe even a day before that so it could well be next Wednesday (August 9), beautiful weather coming into the south-east and starting to move up.

"By the time we get to Friday and Saturday… 30C. It is potentially coming into next weekend.

"So we're getting a bit of the high pressure that has been sitting over the Mediterranean, we get a southerly flow. That's going to help a fair [amount].

"It's still a forecast mind, but nonetheless this is coming."

Met Office spokesman Oli Claydon said: "There are some early signs that by the end of next week we could see something more settled and higher temperatures but a fair bit of uncertainty."

Netweather predicted temperatures could reach the "low to mid-30s Celsius in the south-east" from Monday, August 14, onwards.

However, Netweather forecaster Ian Simpson added: "It is estimated that there is only around a 30% chance of such a hot interlude happening, as the Atlantic westerlies may move in before the heat over southern Europe can penetrate close to Britain from the south."

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