UK gang mark locals as targets in town made a living hell by drug lords

An Albanian drugs gang is making life a living hell for residents of one UK town where locals have become "targets" of the violent criminals.

Those living on the Gascoigne Estate in Barking, east London, have found themselves at odds with the Hellbanianz gang, whose members showcase their criminal exploits on Instagram.

Flash cars, plenty of cash and illegal weaponry are showcased on their page, while a number of residents have rallied against the gang, which grew in notoriety following a series of rap videos.

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One resident of the estate, Daisy O'Doherty, said that Hellbanianz members had been intimidating locals and "demolished" a sense of community spirit, MyLondon reported.

O'Doherty said: "You just constantly hear people in their cars or pulling up or shouting things to each other, playing music or talking really loud. But it's done for a reason.

"It's always worrying around here now, that's just how life is, there's so much intimidation going on. Especially as a white female living on my own in a council property. I'm a target, without doubt.

"There are not as many people that have lived here for a long time and because [there are plans for the whole estate to be] demolished. The [sense] of community isn't there anymore."

O'Doherty also gave a horrifying example of the gang's influence on the area, speaking of a police raid that had been carried out on the estate.

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The resident said: "I heard [noises] outside and opened my front door to a policeman with a gun and dogs.

"He was screaming at me to 'get in'. Red [laser] dots were pointing at me – I thought they were going to take me out. They had stormed the block, I've never seen anything like it in my whole life."

Said raid, the resident alleged, was due to police hoping to disrupt a "rent-a-gun" business, with 10 arrests made at the time including conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life.

O'Doherty has since said residents have learned to live beside the Hellbanianz gang members.

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