Two killed and nine kidnapped in city gripped by war between rival drug cartels

Two people have been killed and nine others have been kidnapped in the latest shoot out or rival Mexican drug cartels.

In the early hours of February 16, a large armed convoy began patrolling the streets of Caborca, Sonora for two hours.

CCTV footage showed around seven trucks and a caravan, branded with an X travelling through the streets terrorising locals and forcing them into vans.

A mother, who said her son was taken described the scene to Borderland Beat saying: "A group of people broke in, forced their way in, because they got in and I was awake at the time and I yelled at my son, at Sebastian, get them up because they were asleep, but the people were already inside."

Another woman who claims her husband was taken during the ordeal has issued a public plea for his safe return as she said: "Please to the people who took my husband last night, please I ask you, I beg you, to hand him over to me, he is innocent, he is a person who works, he is a bricklayer and I work in a hospital."

Alejandra Diaz, spokeswoman for Communication of the Public Security Secretariat of Sonora said: "At 12.05am an emergency call comes from Caborca and at approximately 2am control is taken by the state force that is Sedena, the State Police and the National Guard.

"In the event, 2 people died, there are 3 detainees and there are 3 insured vehicles and weapons of different calibres."

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The mayor of Caborca, Abraham David Mier took to Twitter ordering a 10pm curfew for local businesses for their safety following the midnight attack.

He acknowledged that, given the level of insecurity, the authorities exceeded in their response capacity following the reports.

The State Attorney General's Office confirmed that authorities were continuing their search for the missing people across the city but also extending their search to the municipalities of Tubutama, Santa Ana, Magdalena, Caborca, Altar, Pitiquito and Benjamín Hill.

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