Terrifying moment wild bear chases ski instructor down slope at resort

A wild bear has paid a surprise visit to a skiing group before it chased their ski instructor down a slope.

Heartstopping video has emerged of the man trying to divert the beast's attention when it suddenly appeared on a snowy slope near the town of Predeal in central Romania on Tuesday, March 9.

Adrian Stoica captured the close encounter on his action camera and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral.

The experienced skier asked his group of 15 students to try to make noise in an attempt to scare the young bear away but it did not work and the group was trapped at the spot.

He decided to take the matters into his own hands and started skiing downslope to get the bear chase after him.

In the video, Adrian gestures to the bear and draws his attention and slowly heads down the tracks.

As he gains speed, the wild beast appears to be struggling to keep up.

Adrian seems to have outrun the animal but soon he realises another group of skiers further down the slope.

He told ABC News: "I was just hoping that the bear would get tired and would go back to the forest.

"I had to warn them carefully while both me and the bear came whizzing past them."

The bear eventually left him and headed back to the forest.

A spokesperson for the police, Ion Zaharia, said: "The skier did the right thing.

"The bear was distracted by things inside his backpack.

"We are considering to relocate the bear, who should be hibernating now, anyway, but in recent years, we have more bears confronting skiers in the winter."

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