Terrified horse left with blood pouring down face after thug’s ‘scissor attack’

A horse attacked by a thug with scissors had to endure a three-hour emergency operation.

Four-year-old Duke was left with blood pouring from his left eye after being savagely stabbed on Wednesday (February 22).

The £6k operation was necessary after the horses bottom eyelid was found to have been sliced off.

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Owner Sarah Medley-Johns, 42, says she has been left anxious following the attack, while police have launched a manhunt to find sicko responsible.

Sarah, a farm worker from Cambridgeshire, said: "It’s so cruel. Duke is a gorgeous gentle giant.

“He’d put his head forward to say, ‘Hi’ to somebody. He’s not to know they were going to take scissors to his eye.

“It feels like such a personal attack. He’s my absolute pride and joy."

Sarah bought Duke, a Clydesdale, for her 40th birthday.

She arrived at work on the farm and noticed two figures climbing over the fence in an escape.

Sarah, who also owns two other horses, said: "I couldn’t believe it. How can someone do something like this?

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"They literally pulled out hit bottom eyelid and sliced it, and left it hanging off like a slug.

“They even had the nerve to use my own scissors they took from the hay barn."

Sarah, a mum-of-two, advised anyone with animals in the area to take extra care.

“Do everything you can to protect your animals. All it takes is one sick person to hurt them," she said.

Sarah now says she is suffering anxiety after the grotesque attack, and is in constant fear of her horses being subjected to the same horror.

She suspects the attack is linked to four horse thefts she claims to have also suffered over the past two years.

Regarding the incident, Cambridgeshire Police said: “We were called on Wednesday (22 Feb) with reports of suspicious activity at an equestrian yard.

"Officers attended and found a horse with injuries which are being treated as suspicious.

"This is believed to be an isolated incident and an investigation is ongoing to determine the exact cause of the injuries."

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