Teacher facing sack over racy content says colleague found her bikini TikToks

A teaching assistant is facing the sack after her racy bikini-clad TikTok reels were found by a member of staff.

Canadian Kristin MacDonald could lose her job having been issued an ultimatum by her school board who told her to quit her content-making or be shown the door.

But the TikTok star has hit back at her place of employment and stood by her bikini shots, posting another reel on her account, which is under the alias "Ava James" as well as OnlyFans.

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Her fight against the school board comes after revealing her co-workers likely stumbled onto her sexy snaps and "had a problem" with them.

After taking "precautions" to keep her work as a teaching assistant separate to her social media presence, including a self-made moniker, it would appear Kristin is facing the sack.

The TikTok sensation received a formal complaint on April 28, and addressing the letter, she said: "My reaction when I received the letter, obviously, this is a controversial topic.

"I took precautions in order to keep all my fans and my education job separate."

Although nervous, Kristin has since said she will fight on as she is not "breaking the law" with her material made outside of work hours, OutKick reported.

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Admitting her co-workers may have found out about her TikTok account, Kristin said: "“I did hear some rumors that some co-workers came across a TikTok… by Ava.

"And Ava, she likes to do her TikToks in bikinis. So, I think they had a problem with that."

Kristin revealed her colleagues had found the account during a podcast appearance, with the OnlyFans model addressing the "big stir" of her "barely dressed" videos.

The teaching assistant says she made the account and Ava moniker as a way of bringing more money in due to the financial crisis as she is not paid a "liveable wage".

She added: "We don’t make a livable wage, and we’re in one of the most expensive places in Canada. I do love my job. I love connecting with students. I think I’m good at my job.

"I do believe that I should be able to continue on. I’m not hurting anyone. I’m not breaking the law. So I stand by where I’m at right now."

Since the controversy over her extra-curricular activities on TikTok, teaching assistant Kristin has found herself bumped up to the top 2% of OnlyFans creators.

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