Storm Shadow missile blitz hammers major bridges in occupied Crimea

Storm Shadow missiles have hit two important bridges connecting Crimea to occupied areas of Ukraine on Sunday, according to a Russian-installed official in Zaporizhzia. According to the videos, the plume of smoke along with a fire on Chonhar and Henichesk bridge can be seen on the routes used by the Russian military to move from the annexed Crimean peninsula to Kherson.

Vladimir Rogov, of the military-civilian administration in the region, referring to the strikes said: “In total, three or four arrivals are reported. The extent of damage is still unknown.”

A picture published on Telegram claims to show one of the explosions.

Sergey Aksyonov, Russian-installed leader of Moscow-controlled Crimea says Ukraine has attacked the bridge with missiles.

He said on Telegram: “The enemy launched a missile strike in the area of the Chongar bridge in the north of Crimea.”

He added that while most of the missiles were shot down, one managed to reach its target.

He continued: “There is damage to the roadbed of the automobile bridge, repair work is already beginning. There are no victims.”

In June, Ukraine reportedly struck the same bridge, which is one of a handful of links between Crimea and mainland Ukraine.

It comes after a sea drone attack on a tanker near the Kerch bridge, which connects Crimea to Ukraine.

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