South China Sea: Taiwan to ‘buy missiles’ from US as Beijing increases threats

South China Sea: Taiwan's military tactics discussed by expert

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Taiwan’s defence ministry has insisted the nation will buy more military weapons from the US to ward of China. DW News’ correspondent William Yang explained to DW News host Biresh Banerjee tensions were high in the South China Sea region. He also reflected on Taiwan adapting to the potential threats from China and adjusting its strategies.

Mr Banerjee said: “Mr Yang, how has Taiwan responded to recent Chinese military activity around the island?”

Mr Yang replied: “This afternoon we learned that the Taiwanese defence ministry is planning to buy more long-range missiles from the US.

“In recent weeks we have learned that Taiwan is also launching its own defence programme and developing its own weapons.

“As we see China’s pattern of increasing the amount they are sending their military aircrafts into Taiwan’s ADIZ (Air defence identification zone) in the southwestern part.”

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Mr Yang also highlighted how Taiwan is adjusting its own military strategy.

He said: “Taiwan has also changed its own strategies.

“Rather than sending fighter jets up and intercepting Chinese fighter jets all the time, they are using their long-range missiles to try to track and see if the Chinese military aircraft have done anything that threatens overall security.”

On the strategies of China and Taiwan, Mr Yang said: “We see that China has really changed its strategy.

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“It has become a lot more ambiguous about its intentions or motives behind its military moves.

“Experts have repeatedly warned Taiwan that if it continues to use its full force to respond, it is going to put stress on the airforce and naval force finances.

“At the same time, it is taking away time for soldiers to train for the new weapons and other kinds of strategies they can use in real battles.

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“Taiwan has learned to become more patient and smart.

“They have also become more ambiguous when it comes to how it responds to the frequent Chinese military threats and aggression.”

In 2020 Taiwan was the largest recipient of US-made weapons and equipment.

Taipei purchased $11.8 billion (£8.47 billion) worth of military goods in 2020.

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