Singer who married ghost gets divorce as it was like dragging dead body uphill

A singer who claimed she married a ghost has finally divorced him by exorcism to escape a living hell.

Brocarde, 38, turned to an exorcist to end her tumultuous marriage after five miserable months of being married to the paranormal character.

The exorcism of Edwardo took place in The Asylum Chapel in London – the same place where the couple originally tied the knot on Halloween.

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The bizarre ceremony took several hours to complete, and Brocarde said: “The exorcism was harrowing and unearthly. I felt outside of my body.

“I lost control of every limb and it was as if I was under third party control. It was earth shattering. Every part of my body was shaking, I was convulsing, sweating and feeling light headed. It felt like I was trying to vomit out the devil."

Now Brocarde is hopeful she can put Edwardo behind her and ready to start her life as new, eventually finding an actual human being to settle down with, but is not planning to rush into a new relationship.

She said: “I’m full of joy, reborn, excited by life and just dying to laugh and have fun and feel free.

“Physically I can’t stop smiling. I just want to embrace new life and experience new things.”

She added of the marriage: “Being married to Edwardo felt heavy, like I was constantly dragging a dead body up a hill. The energy of being married to him was overwhelming at times. It broke my spirit and now I feel lighter.

"I underestimated how powerful his presence was going to be and I feel like I approached the wedding with hope and naivety.”

Having officially divorced her old partner, Brocarde is back pursuing her first love — making music. Her new single Just Another Anthem is out now.

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