Simla wildfire: Wildfire prompts evacuations in Elbert County

A wildfire is burning in Elbert County near Simla where a red flag warning for fire danger has been posted.

The fire is described as a grass fire and some residents in the area have been evacuated, said Lt. Karla Schmidt of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. El Paso County is assisting Elbert County with the fire.

El Paso County officials were notified of the fire at 3:35 p.m. Thursday and staff was sent to Simla to assist the Elbert Fire Protection District.

Live Events reports that the fire is burning south of U.S. 24 and that a structure has been burned.

Simla, about 48 miles northeast of Colorado Springs, is under a red flag warning for fire danger, posted by the National Weather Service, until 8 p.m. Thursday. Winds in the area are gusting to 40 mph and relative humidity is in the single digits at 8%.

Wildfire map

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