Sickening Domino’s branch closed after cockroach found baked into pizza

A Domino's branch in Australia has been blasted after its doors were closed by health inspectors who found live cockroaches wandering around the kitchen.

After a customer complained of receiving a pizza with a cockroach baked into it, health inspectors took action at the Sydney-based eatery.

Willoughby Council was called in for an inspection at the Chatswood property after the extra, live topping was reported by a horrified customer, and health inspectors found plenty of evidence of a cockroach infestation.

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Grimy and disgusting scenes were sighted at the store, where newly birthed cockroaches were sighted as well as egg casings and sticky traps scattered on the floor.

Dirty food preparation areas were also spotted by disgusted health inspectors, with dirt inside of food appliances, sticky keyboards and unclean surfaces a constant sighting for the branch.

Food residue in the dough machine and dirty containers were also found in the store that was fined a firm £1,000 ($1760AUD) after the inspection.

Domino's corporate office has since shut down the store while Willoughby Council stated the branch had received previous warnings for failing to ensure fixtures, fitting and equipment were up to scratch.

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In a statement released by Domino's, they agreed with the council's report and said they would take full responsibility.

Their statement read: "Domino's agrees with council's determination, which is why Domino's Corporate took full possession of this store last week and closed it immediately to undertake renovation works including repairing, replacing and deep cleaning all equipment, and sanitising food preparation areas and utensils in accordance with Domino's high food safety standards."

"This store will not reopen until it has been fully repaired, deep cleaned, and awarded an updated food safety license.

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"Domino's takes food safety extremely seriously and apologies to local customers. We will work with the local council to ensure the new store meets all council and Domino's standards prior to reopening under new management."

Willoughby Council also took the chance to warn other businesses in the area to keep up with health and safety guidelines, Daily Mail reported.

A statement from the council read: "Most businesses in our area do the right thing and put the interests of their customers first when it comes to food safety."

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The statement continued: "However, our actions in relation to this premises shows that we take food safety extremely seriously and will act when needed to ensure businesses are taking the right steps to guarantee the health and safety of their customers.

"Keeping fixtures, fittings and equipment in a food business clean minimises the likelihood of food contamination and discourages pests."

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