Shoppers outraged by skating rink with ‘no ice’ where kids have to ‘tap dance’

A North London skating rink has come under fire on social media for its lack of ice, making it nearly impossible to skate on.

The synthetic rink on St Anne's Road is advertised as a "Skating Rink", but the inadequate plastic flooring has reduced children to "tap dancers" attempting to glide across the frictionless surface – making the event unlikely to draw a crowd.

The free Christmas event was put on by local organisation We Are Harrow, promoted on their social media as a heart-warming community venture intended for local residents to "just borrow some skates and have fun".

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Attendees rushed to social media to document the epic fail, joking it was typical of the North London town: "Harrow is definitely not a real place" and "Harrow is just a fever dream".

In a TikTok that quickly went viral, Hanah Zarah quipped: "No, only in Harrow. Only in Harrow will they have a floor, a literal floor where they are skating on."

The video's comments are filled with amused viewers pointing out the absurdity of the situation, with various adults wearing shoes on the rink, and the silent skating punctuated by the sound of shoes hitting the floor.

Suggestions poured in to improve the Christmas nightmare, with one user suggesting to "dash" baby oil on the floor as lubrication, and another suggesting sharper blades were needed.

This isn't the first time a lacklustre synthetic ice rink has cropped up in Harrow, with London's latest attraction having first emerged in 2012 to similar reception – labelled "naff" and "a joke" by members of the public.

The festive skating rink has since been cancelled and replaced with a Santa Saves Christmas event, according to We Are Harrow's Twitter.

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