Sex offender who identifies as a woman groped prison officer serving breakfast

A sex offending lag who identifies as a woman was caught groping a female prison officer serving breakfast.

And 27-year-old Katana Paris, who was born a man, also assaulted a male officer at Forest Bank prison in Salford.

The prisoner carried out the sexual assaults while they were part way through a three-year sentence for another sexual assault, but this time it was on a nurse.

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They have had another six months added to their sentence as a result of the latest incident, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Prosecuting, Megan Edwards told Manchester Crown Court how Paris carried out the assault.

Ms Edwards said: “She [the officers] approached the defendant's cell and unlocked the door in order to serve her breakfast.

“She [Paris] stepped out of the cell, which was unusual, as prisoners would normally remain in their cell.

“She [the officer] asked the defendant to move back, but the request was ignored.

“The defendant then placed a hand on her hand, before sliding her fingers between her knuckles.

“The officer moved away and the two prisoners helping [out with breakfast service] gave Paris with her breakfast, who then 'jumped up and down like she was excited'.”

It was at this point that Paris approached the female officer and “touched her genitals”.

A similar incident occurred the next day, when Paris launched their right hand through the food hatch and grabbed a male officer's genitals.

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During the trial, it emerged that Paris actually has 87 offences on their record, including sexual assault by touching.

Sentencing, the Recorder of Manchester, Judge Nicholas Dean KC, said: "Prison officers are placed in a vulnerable position, they are described as emergency workers.

"They are in a situation where they are vulnerable to these sorts of assaults and they deserve and require the protections of the courts when assaults such as this happen.

"I have read and considered a presentence report, and I am not convinced you have shown any significant remorse. It seems to me you regard what you did as being rather trivial."

Paris is on the Sex Offenders' Register and will stay on it for the next five years – most of which they will be spending at HMP Swaleside.

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