Severely ill Putin to be ‘incapacitated’ and toppled in 3 months, says ex spy

Despotic Russian leader Vladimir Putin has just three to six months left before he's “medically incapacitated”, an intelligence expert has claimed.

Since the invasion of Ukraine began in February, it has been claimed that the despot has incurable cancer, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's, and that he either has just three years to live – or is already dead.

Earlier this week, former CIA agent Robert Baer claimed that there could be some credence behind the claims.

And yesterday, former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele agreed.

He told BBC Radio 4’s The World at One: “I don’t see him [Putin] being in power for more than three-six months from now. There are signs his health is failing for a start which will be a factor in this.

“And if what we’re being told by the CIA and others and our own sources is true then it looks as though he could become incapacitated over that sort of period of time.”

“This is a strongman regime where people have to have fear of the leader and if the leader is incapacitated medically then there will be a move against him, I'm sure.”

The Kremlin has often ignored the claims, but recently spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “It’s absolute nonsense. Everything is fine with the president.”

On Wednesday (June 8), Putin delayed an annual live TV Q&A with members of the public amid the ill-health rumours.

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The Direct Line to Vladimir Putin event typically runs for three-to-four hours and has aired in June for four of the past five years, with the exception being during the Covid pandemic.

It is thought that his rumoured health issues may mean he is unable to remain on TV for that amount of time.

Another theory suggests that the postponement may be due to fears that he'll be interrogated over his floundering invasion of Ukraine.

Seven days ago it was announced that the event would take place in the "foreseeable future", possibly after the conclusion of the St Petersburg International Economic Forum on June 18.

However, those plans have been shelved after Peskov said it will occur on an "unknown" date and not this month.

He added: “The Direct Line cannot take place this month. From a technical and substantive point of view, this is a complex and voluminous event.

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