Schoolgirl, 7, killed in freak water fountain electrocution by ‘exposed wire’

A young girl has been killed by an electric current as she drank at a public water fountain.

The tragedy occurred in Egypt on April 21, claiming the life of 7-year-old schoolgirl Ritage Ahmed El-Sayed.

She had woken up early for the Eid holiday and had been given presents by her parents at their home in home in Faiyum, off the west bank of the River Nile.

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She and her father then headed out ahead of the Eid al-Fitr prayer, going to the Al-Fath Mosque.

Ritage had gone to a nearby fountain outside the mosque to take a drink when tragedy struck.

Local media reported how an exposed electrical wire meant that when she made contact with the fountain she instantly received a massive electric shock, causing her to drop to the ground.

Despite being hurried to a nearby hospital in Bagoush as quickly as possible, little Ritage is understood to have passed away in the reception of the medical centre.

A postmortem was carried out to determine the cause of death before she was given to her parents, who carried out a family burial at their chosen cemetery.

Ritage had been a pupil at Middle East School, which marked her passing with a three-day mourning period held across the entire education facility.

The Public Prosecutor's Office in Beni Suef is now understood to be investigating the heartbreaking and tragic event.

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