Russias missile attacks spark NATO fears of nuclear war

Russia: Rubio shares fears of attack inside NATO territory

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NATO has begun preparing for its annual nuclear preparedness exercise ‘Steadfast Noon’ as nuclear fears rise after Russian missile strikes have battered Ukraine. In this exercise NATO forces practice using US nuclear bombs based in Europe on training flights without live weapons.

Putin has continuously threatened to use nuclear force in his invasion of Ukraine, causing rising concern amongst Western powers.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters in Brussels on Tuesday that they had not noticed any changes in the Kremlin’s nuclear posture.

However, the number of NATO warships in the North Sea has been doubled to 30 after the recent damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Gas leaks into the Baltic Sea were first discovered last month, which were found to be coming from holes in the pipe.

While Russia has denied any involvement, many experts believe the leaks were caused by deliberate sabotage.

Mr Stoltenberg also said NATO and its allies would meet any attacks on infrastructure with “a united and determined response”.

This comes as President Zelensky has appealed to Western leaders for further support with air defence in light of Putin’s recent attacks.

Russian air strikes on Monday killed 19 people, wounded more than 100 and knocked out power supplies across the country, reported The Mirror.

The attack came days after a missile partially destroyed the Kerch bridge which connects mainland Russia to Crimea.

The Ukrainian leader told G7 leaders: “When Ukraine receives a sufficient quantity of modern and effective air defence systems, the key element of Russia’s terror, rocket strikes, will cease to work.”

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The G7 consists of the US, Germany, France, Japan, Britain, Italy and Canada.

Together they have pledged to give Ukraine “financial, humanitarian, military, diplomatic and legal support…for as long as it takes”.

It also condemned “indiscriminate attacks on innocent civilian populations” as war crimes and said Putin would be held responsible for his actions.

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