Russian with anti-Putin tattoo faces years in prison for Ukraine war criticism

A Russian teen with an anti-Putin tattoo who criticised Russian invasions of Ukraine is facing years in prison for their outspoken criticism of the war.

Olesya Krivtsova, 19, has found herself tagged with an ankle bracelet and under house arrest after she was charged over a slate of social media posts she made.

Authorities claimed that said posts had threatened to discredit the Russian army and justified acts of terrorism, with the 19-year-old teen added to a list of terrorists and extremists for an Instagram post.

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Her Instagram story post, a piece about the explosion on the Crimean bridge back in October, had criticised Russia for invading Ukraine.

The teen is also facing criminal charges for discrediting the Russian army, with an allegedly critical post shared by the student on Russian social network VK.

Krivtsova is not the only youngster facing some severe charges for daring to criticise Russian horrors, with her lawyer, Alexei Kichin, saying this is "not the first, nor is it the last" case.

Lawyer Kichin added that the youngster may face up to three years in prison for discrediting the Russian army and up to seven under a justification of terrorism act.

Krivtsova's legal defence team are hopeful of a less severe sentence, such as a fine.

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Mum Natalya Krivtsova said: "We live in the Arkhangelsk region and this is a vast region but too remote from the centre. There are no more protests in Arkhangelsk, so they are trying to strangle everything that is left at its early stage.

"She has a heightened sense of justice, which makes her life hard. The inability to remain silent is now a major sin in the Russian Federation. Olesya was very frightened because she saw the video in which a prisoner was killed with a sledgehammer.

"The state has some strange policies: prisoners go to war, and children go to prison."

Krivtsova had previously faced charges of discrediting the Russian army by distributing anti-war posters back in May, CNN reported.

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