Russian universities to give military training including AK-74s and grenades

Some universities in Russia are set to offer 'basic' military training classes, where students will learn how to fire an automatic rifle, how to detonate a grenade – and will even take classes on nuclear warfare.

The Russian Ministry of Education designed the programme, set to be rolled out at four universities in the capital city, Moscow.

Svoboda reported that universities must prepare the conditions for teaching the course and find training grounds where practical classes will be held.

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Students will be taught how to disassemble and assemble AK-74 and RPK-74 assault rifles, machine guns, a Makarov pistol, and how to use hand grenades.

Chillingly, the course – named "Fundamentals of Military Training" – includes lectures on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

The more regular elements include the structure of the Russian army, the principles of combat and first aid.

There are fears that Russia is preparing its next army as the Ministry of Education in 2022 has already prepared a programme that teaches school children the construction of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, the rules of combined arms combat, the arrangement of trenches and the camouflage of equipment.

In the uni course, students will learn to evaluate "international military-political and domestic events and facts from the position of a patriot of their Fatherland".

Reports suggest students in the facilities will get up to two lessons per week.

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The receipt of a letter regarding the course was confirmed at the University of Science and Technology (MISiS), the Moscow Power Engineering Institute (MPEI), the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI) and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT).

The AK-74 is an assault rifle designed by small arms designer Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1974. It differs to its sister gun the AK-47 in that it has a smaller cartridge, making it more accurate.

The RPK-74 is a gas-operated weapon capable of both semi-automatic and automatic fire, according to Military Today.

The Makarov pistol is another Soviet gun. It became the Soviet Union's standard military and Militsiya sidearm in 1951.


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