Russian soldier rages over suicide missions with all fart no s*** weapons

A Russian soldier is heard raging over being sent on suicide missions with 'all fart no sh*t' weapons in an expletive-filled intercepted call from Ukraine.

The conversation between one of Vladimir Putin's fighters and another Russian man was uploaded to Twitter and translated by the @wartranslated account.

Although it isn't clear which part of Ukraine the soldier is fighting in, the call paints a dire picture of the conditions for Russians being sent to the front lines.

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The soldier describes how he and his comrades are being totally outgunned by their Ukrainian counterparts, who continue to be supplied with an array of weapons from countries opposed to Putin's invasion.

Part of the conversation goes as follows, with the soldier referred to as R1 and the other man R2.

R1: "The f***ing Ukrainian troops are advancing every day here. Artillery firing, we can't get our heads out.

"Yesterday we got f***ed by helicopters three times. Guns every day. GRADs (BM-21 rocket launchers) every day.

"Here, they come out on tanks for direct fire… and f*** us."

R2: "Are you at least hitting the tanks, or are they f***ing running in circles, doing whatever they want?"

R1: "They do whatever they want."

R2: "Are you not hitting them?"

R1: "No, from what?! ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles)? At best, you can disperse them a bit."

R2: "What about RPGs (rocket-propelled grenade launchers)?"

R1: "These are all fart guns for them!"

R2: "F***ing hell. Why are you sitting there senselessly, holding the defence? What f***ing defence?"

R1: "No one understands this. We are sitting here like f***ing r*tards, under artillery fire."

R2: "Are you like f***ing suiciders or what, I don't get it?"

R1: "Honestly, this is what it looks like."

R2: "Suiciders, sitting there like meat. F***ing hell!"

The soldier goes on to say that Ukrainians are using "howitzers, GRADs and helicopters", while the Russian forces are "afraid" of flying helicopters where he is given that the Ukrainians have US-made Stinger missiles.

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He also seems acutely aware that Putin's propaganda channels are portraying the conflict in a completely different light back home.

"I'm saying, it's not the same here as they think in Russia. It's adult stuff," he tells his friend.

"They generally have everything for f***'s sake. Everything. We have f*** all!"


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