Russian says soldiers contracting TB on frontline with some as old as 60 drafted

An intercepted phone call between a Russian soldier and his mum has laid bare the horrifying conditions being endured by frontline soldiers in Vladimir Putin's disgraceful war.

The soldier was in Kreminna, in the Luhansk Oblast of Ukraine, when he told his mother he was "in the worse hell" with soldiers being forced to go without food for days at a time and corpses being left to rot.

One soldier even started spitting up blood and developed tuberculosis (TB) as a result of the diabolical conditions.

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In the leaked call, the soldier told his mum: "F***, such a sh**ty attitude towards the people here. We have one corpse lying around and no one is getting it out," which his mother called a "nightmare".

He continued, adding: "The battalion commander doesn't give a s***."

When asked if he was fed well on the front line, he said: "Nah, they don't give us canned food, don't give us anything.

"We eat what we can find. Some men don't eat for two days while another unit is eating, some have ulcers and one has TB now, he started spitting blood.

"The Pskov guy, who I came with… The battalion commander said it's a 20km drive to the village and from the village some walk to the hospital, he said 'go on foot.'"

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The soldier added that some of the men fighting on the front line were up to 60 years old.

He added: "And people are going, I don't understand it… Men are 50, and 60 years old, what do they want? They thought they came to a resort? So, we have these walks."

His mother said: "What are you doing then?"

The Russian soldier said: "We're standing behind, in defence, we have three lines, the first line if this first line collapses, runs away then we hold as we're in the second line.

"We're in the worse hell, everything (shells) is flying above us, yesterday it was the same mortar bombs landing nearby and you just hope it doesn't fall in the dugout."

When his mother asked if he was enjoying his time in defence, he said: "You get used to it, it's fine when you are bombed. When you aren't, it gets scary."

This is the latest in a string of complaints about the conditions on the front line for Russian soldiers.

There have been repeated incidents of troops abandoning the frontline as some complain of a lack of training, food, and instructions from higher-ups.

Earlier this month, a relative of a soldier who fled said: “For several days [the troops] hid from shelling, some were seriously wounded, others were killed,” said a relative of the men.

“Our men ran out of provisions and water, there was no ammunition.

“They ate what they could find, and drank from a puddle.

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“Nothing was brought to them, they were simply sent to their deaths.

“There was no command, [and] no communication with the commanders either.

"They simply abandoned [these men], who had no military training, into a zone of mortar fire, with no consideration for their future fate."


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