Russian probe set to land on ‘hell planet’ with sulphuric rain and 400C temps

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    Russia is hoping to send a probe to Venus despite the brutal conditions of the planet, including sulphuric rain and unbearably hot temperatures.

    One planet closer to the Sun than Earth, Venus has been dubbed as a "hell planet" due to 400-degree temperatures and a thick layer of gas surrounding it.

    Russian space agency Roscosmos is backing a plan to go to the planet and take samples of aerosol and soil.

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    Working with the Russian Academy Of Sciences, the aim of the operation is to find out if there was life there at any point in time.

    A simple amino acid glycine was recently discovered in the atmosphere of the planet, leading Russian scientists to push for the operation to further the study of the planet.

    As part of the development of the programme, Russia has begun work on producing interplanetary automatic stations.

    The programme is due to be split up into three separate missions, kicking off with Venera-D, scheduled for 2029.

    The aim of this mission will be to look further at the atmosphere of the planet before the beginning of the second mission set for 2031 – this mission does not yet have a name.

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    The third mission is called Venera-V and is due for launch in June 2034.

    Work on this final probe is said by Roscosmos to have already begun, it announced on May 11.

    In a statement obtained by Newsflash, they confirmed the probe's mission: "Specialists of the Roscosmos state corporation and the Russian Academy of Sciences are working on the possibility of returning samples of Venus' soil, atmosphere and aerosols to Earth (on the Venus-V mission)."

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