Russia ‘much weaker than you think’ as ‘next 3 months’ critical to end war ‘Moscow afraid’

Andrii Osadchuk says Russia is 'much weaker than you think'

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A Ukrainian MP is confident the Ukrainian army will turn the tide against Russian forces as arms deliveries are pouring in from the West. In the last few weeks, Ukrainian forces have struggled to hold the line, with Russia taking over the last pocket of Ukrainian resistance in the Luhansk region. The city of Lysychansk has fallen under Russian occupation on Saturday, according to Russian-backed local officials. However, Russia’s loss of the Snake Island could herald a change in war dynamics.

Speaking to GB News, Ukrainian MP Andrii Osadchuk said: “So, I think that the next three months will be probably the most critical because Russia is much weaker than you think.

“They accumulate all of their resources. They’re afraid to announce the draft. So, that’s why I think in September-October, it will a very interesting moment of this war.

“At the moment, we’re much stronger than we were three months ago. Because in the first two months of war, Ukraine, in fact, was fighting by ourselves with our own resources because the West did not believe in us.

“We were almost receiving nothing from the West. But now we have already more or less reasonable support.

“This support will increase, and the Ukrainian army for the moment is much stronger than it was three months ago.”

For now, Ukrainian forces appear to be on the back footing after they lost control of the Donbas’ Luhansk province.

“Today the Luhansk popular militia and Russian forces occupied the last strategic heights, which allows us to confirm that Lysychansk is completely encircled,” a spokesperson for the pro-Russian separatist forces told Russian state-owned news agency TASS.

According to Ukrainian officials, Russian forces have swiftly taken full control of the latest Ukrainian pocket of resistance – the city of Lysychansk – and honed in on civilians on their path to destruction.

“Private houses in attacked villages are burning down one by one. With such a high density of shelling, we only have time to shelter the injured.

Fires simultaneously in several places. We barely have time to eliminate large-scale fires in Lysychansk,” the governor of the Luhansk region wrote in a Telegram post.

Ukraine has reported an increasing number of attacks on civilians, which the Kremlin has so far denied.

“I would like to remind you of the president’s words that the Russian Armed Forces do not work with civilian targets,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said.


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Missile attacks on civilians have been reported near the port of Odesa when authorities said at least 21 people were killed.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky said the attacks were a “conscious, deliberately targeted Russian terror.”

To prevent further advances, Ukrainian officials have called on the West to supply more artillery weapons in the hopes they can reverse the tide of the war.

The United States is expected to send two NASAMS surface-to-air missiles four counter-artillery radars, and about 150,000 rounds of 155mm artillery ammunition to help Ukraine defend itself in its fight against the Russian invasion.

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