Runaway pet ferret sneaks out of home and climbs into bed with stunned stranger

An inquisitive pet ferret that went on a journey of adventure after its owner left the front door open was found after he climbed into a neighbour’s bed in the middle of the night.

Lisa Marie Buckley said her pet ferret Thomas, who is 18 months old, escaped from her home on Saturday night after her daughter Ayisha, 13, went outside to put some takeaway containers in the bin.

She quickly realised what had happened and raised the alarm but to no avail. There were various sightings of the mischievous rodent around the town of Ince, in Wigan, but no-one could recapture him.

But at 5am the following morning Patrick Newman, who lives about a mile up the road in Platt Bridge, woke up to realise he had an uninvited guest in his bed.

The 18-month-old black, brown and white ferret had wriggled through through the cat flap and snuggled down with Patrick for a nice sleep after his evening of adventures.

Patrick managed to get in touch with Lisa via social media and reunited Thomas with his family.

At one point, a microchip error made Lisa worry that Patrick had hooked up with the wrong weasel, but that was soon resolved.

Lisa, told Wigan Today : “It was brilliant news and shows that community spirit is still alive and that people do look out for you.

“I was amazed by what had happened and I’m so thankful to Patrick for finding him and contacting us.”

She explained that this wasn’t the mischievous mustelid's first adventure, because he had only joined her family after wandering off from another owner: “We’ve had him since he was four months old after a neighbour across the road found him,” she said.

“We didn’t know if he was wild or anything," she added, "so we took him to the vets and said we would try to find his owner.

“But we never did and took Thomas in as our own and got him microchipped.”

Lisa’s dad used to keep ferrets so she knew how to look after Thomas an the soon became one of the family.

She said: “Some people might think ferrets are naughty but he is so well behaved and makes an adorable pet, and we’re so pleased to have him back home.”

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