Residents of UKs ‘New York’ say its grim and call for ‘s**t show’ to be nuked

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    Milton Keynes hasn’t been around for that long, but it’s spent much of its short life getting stick for being a bit of a dump.

    The town was founded in 1967 and was built on a grid system, with the planners taking their inspiration from New York City.

    And according to the latest survey on I Live Here, there are plenty of worse places to live – but it’s not somewhere that’s often showered with love.

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    Some of its residents have been back on social media to give their less-than-ringing endorsements of the place.

    One X/Twitter user posted a picture of a shopping centre in Bletchley, with the comment: “The Brunel Centre is grimmer than I remembered… There are, like, 5 shops left.” It prompted the succinct reply: “Milton Keynes mate, it’s all gone to s**t.”

    Another tweet – a modern-day version of Sir John Betjamin’s take on Slough – said: “As someone who lives in Milton Keynes, I am hereby giving my full support in nuking the f**k out of it with immediate effect to get rid of this s**t show. Happy to be written into lore as the saviour of the human race.”

    It’s a view that pops up regularly. In one story on I Live Here, a resident wrote that most people’s knowledge of Milton Keynes extends only as far as “Concrete Cows, the gridded roads and a bought-in football team”.

    The author added: “That’s most people’s sum knowledge about MK, and to be honest it was mine until I had the dire misfortune to think that moving here would be a viable choice. I’ve been here six months and I have come to loathe the place with a fiery passion.”

    There’s some praise for the people who live there. “The one thing I will say about the locals is that they are, for the most part, pretty friendly. I lived near Northampton for a couple of years and there is a marked difference in the attitudes of your average Northamptonian and your MK dweller. In Northampton it’s a literal ant’s nest of humanity, but in MK it can actually be quite surprisingly pleasant.”

    But as for the place as a whole, “Milton Keynes IS dismal: a huge sprawling “Sim City” of buildings that are lucky if they see 40 years’ use”.

    The author adds: “A place where you can get your car taken out by another driver because nobody knows which lane to be in on the roundabout, a place where history is erased before it has the chance to actually BE history, If only…if only all places were like Milton Keynes. Thankfully they’re not.”

    Even the occasional bit of praise for the Buckinghamshire town can backfire. When one X user wrote that “I am where I am today because a Labour government made the decision to build Milton Keynes, a place that gave me the best start in life”, one quick-witted response was: “Where you are today being: Milton Keynes.”

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