Putin’s mouthpieces meltdown after pundit exposes Wagner Group

Ukraine: Russian Wagner base hit by missile strike in Svatove

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A rapper who supports the war in Ukraine sparked a live on-air meltdown on one of Russia’s state-owned TV channels after questioning the so-called “special military operation”. David Nuriev, who performs under the name Ptakha, stunned the panellists on propagandist channel NTV when he said that young people “do not understand why we are there [Ukraine]”. Several of the guests and the two TV co-hosts tried to shout down the rapper, even calling on him to visit Ukraine “to understand why we are there”.

Mr Nuriev told Mesto Vstrechi (‘Meeting Place’) that young people fail to see the point of the war and mobilized Russian soldiers are “taken to slaughter like sheep”.

He said: “Few people understand what we’re doing there. Because Ukrainian troops have not crossed the border. Few understand.

“Using the Soviet Union ideology, saying that we are fighting the Germans, is very questionable too. I don’t really understand it myself.”

Host Andrey Norkin angrily rebuked: “I categorically reject what you’re saying right now, young man. Let’s stop butting heads over here.”

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When told to go to Ukraine, the musician responded by exposing the Wagner Group.

He said: “I’ve been there! I have a lot of friends in the Wagner Group now, guys fighting as we speak.

“They’re making money. I’ll be honest with you: whoever joins Wagner does it for money.

“Do you really think they’re going there for the Motherland?”

Ukraine: Kherson regional administration hit by Russian missile

Last weekend, a missile strike hit a hotel in the Luhansk region, blowing up a number of Wagner fighters.

Serhiy Haidai, the Ukrainian governor of Luhansk, said “hundreds” of Wagner recruits had been killed before reaching the frontline in the last week and a half.

The panellists were attempting to discuss the embarrassingly low military recruitment of young Russians against the backdrop of a war in Ukraine.

They played an advert promoting enlistment, which boasted about “government benefits” and “respect” for all recruits.


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Mr Nuriev said many of his friends had been forcibly taken to Ukraine during the mobilisation effort.

He said: “They enlisted a man who had a heart valve problem.

“He had a pile of papers to prove it, but they said: ‘You look just fine to us, so go ahead and sign here.’ No physical examination, nothing.”

When panellists told Mr Nuriev to “go back to school,” the rapper hit back, saying he was a supporter of the war.

He explained: “I don’t condemn the special military operation. I’m one of those who supported the operation.”

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