Putin pledges to deploy terrifying Satan nuke that could hit UK within 6 minutes

Vladimir Putin has chillingly pledged to unleash Russia's hypersonic Satan-2 nuke missile in just a few weeks.

The SARMAT RS-28 missile is a liquid-fuelled rocket capable of hitting targets 11,000 miles away including the UK within six minutes.

The Russian president put the world on red alert when speaking to his military chiefs today (Wednesday, December 21), at the same time as Ukraine leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy met US President Joe Biden.

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The Kremlin has hit back at those talks in Washington D.C. asking for "weapons, weapons and more weapons", by insisting peace is off the table almost 10 months to the day after Putin's invasion of Ukraine, The Sun reports.

Describing the missile earlier this year, Putin said: "The SARMAT has the highest tactical and technical characteristics and is capable of overcoming all modern means of anti-missile defence.

"It has no analogues in the world and will not have for a long time to come."

The SARMAT missile is believed to be one of the most powerful nuclear weapons in Russia's arsenal, is said to be unstoppable, and able to carry a 7.5-tonne warhead. Russian state TV hosts were previously seen laughing at the notion of one of the "Satan 2" missiles destroying the city of New York if used.

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He added that Russia's newly tested SARMAT intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads and decoys, would be deployed for duty by the end of the year.

Putin added: "Successful testing of the Sarmat heavy intercontinental ballistic missile has been carried out.

"It is planned that the first such complex will be put on combat duty by the end of the year."

Putin has pulled out of his annual state of the nation address, sparking concern his health is declining.

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A spokesperson for the warmonger confirmed, after much speculation, that the speech wouldn't be taking place as planned and would be postponed until at least the New Year.

Putin's pal Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the dictator would not deliver the annual speech, due to take place today (Wednesday, December 21).

This is the latest in a series of cancellations by the Russian despot, who also decided not to go ahead with his annual end-of-year press conference and long-anticipated yearly hockey game, which he established in 2011 and has been a regular attendee at ever since.


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