Putin could launch nukes even though it will mean end of Russia, says expert

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Fears over nuclear missiles being fired in the upcoming weeks are growing with Russian despot Vladimir Putin reported as more likely to start World War 3 than accept defeat in Ukraine.

The admission comes as expert historian Dominic Sandbrook claims that a nuclear strike from the Russians would mean the end of Russian civilisation.

Sandbrook claims that the Russian leader is "drunk on his own nationalist resentments" and hopes that Putin has realised nuclear warfare would mean the end of Russian civilisation.

But the threat of nuclear warfare has been hanging for some time, with Rear Admiral Chris Parry since warning that nuclear war would make Russia "disappear".

Sandbrook outlined his worries of nuclear war, writing: "And even somebody as drunk on his own nationalist resentments as Vladimir Putin must realise that a nuclear war would mean the end of Russian civilisation – the end of Moscow, St Petersburg and everything he and his cronies claim to revere.

"Yet, like all those people who lay awake during the Cuban Missile Crisis, wondering if they would ever see tomorrow, I can't banish a sense of dread."

Sandbrook's worries were outlined by Vladimir Putin's continual mentioning of nukes, which Sandbrook writes was "repeatedly raised" as a "spectre of nuclear war".

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The historian, writing in the Daily Mail, continued: "He [Putin] began his campaign by putting Russia's nuclear forces on 'special alert' against Western intervention, and in recent days his rhetoric has reached even more paranoid heights.

"…he told Russian politicians that he would be 'lightning-fast' to use it if the West dared to meddle in Ukraine."

Sandbrook also noted that there were other signs that were "worrying," including a "marked change in the Kremlin's rhetoric" and the "positively hysterical" state of Russian state media.

The expert wrote: "Channel One anchor Dmitry Kiselyov said on his prime-time news show that Moscow could wipe out Britain with a nuclear tsunami in a strike by Russia's Poseidon underwater drone."

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