Professional wrestler clashes with spectator who headbutted him during match

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All hell broke loose at a wrestling match in Georgia, US, after a spectator headbutted fighter, Joe Black, at the IWE Pro-wrestling show.

In a video posted on Twitter by @CanBeOnly1Leage, wrestler Joe Black is seen playing up to the crowd around ringside, when a man dressed in a grey shirt walks up and headbutts him.

Naturally, Black retaliated leading to security and referees being tasked with breaking up the fight as the whole crowd descended into chaos.

One fan is heard telling staff to throw the man out of the building, while he stands there with a torn shirt. Watch the scene below:

Disclaimer – The footage shown below contains strong language.

Captioning the clips posted to Twitter, @CanBeOnly1Leage wrote: "My footage of the Joe Black Fan incident is all over the place I was there, this was my footage.

"100% dude wasn't a plant this was a real fan doing what u never do. Cross over that guardrail."

It is understood that the man was not planted in the audience and fans were shaken up by the genuine ordeal, according to Wrestling News.

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It has not been confirmed whether any charges have been filed in relation to the incident.

The news comes after a "family" wrestling event descended into a horror show with young audience members forced to endure a bloody “deathmatch” involving a garden strimmer amongst other weapons.

The shocking scenes took place at the Conservative Club in Seaham, County Durham, on April 29 when the Colliery Championship Wrestling event took a dark turn.

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Photos from the event, headlined by British wrestlers Ronnie Thatcher and Blizzard, appear to show the pair covered in blood.

The pair reportedly made use of wood, glass lighting tubes and even a garden strimmer – with one dramatic photo appearing to show Blizzard clutching the gardening item menacingly above Ronnie Thatcher's head.

Another photo shows a bloody Thatcher smashing glass over Blizzard's back. Around 80 people – including many young families – were in attendance at the event, and the organiser has since apologised for the scenes.

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