Prince Harry has ‘late night habit’ which keeps him up for hours

Prince Harry appears to have a particular late night habit which keeps him awake for hours at a time.

The late night trait was branded as "a bit depressing" by a royal expert who believes the Duke of Sussex's early hours past time was "sad".

The Duke is a fan of video games which he stays up into the early hours to play, according to royal expert Daniela Elser in her column.

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Harry and Meghan Markle rubbished the commentator's allegations of them having a hotel room on standby for the Prince, but no comment was given on his gaming pastime.

In fact the dad-of-two, by his own admission, is a keen gamer and was duking it out on an original Xbox gifted to him by Princess Diana, he claimed in Spare.

The Daily Star previously reported the strange claim, where the Duke received an Xbox in 1997 as he "loved video games," although the console actually released in 2002.

But the Duke seems to have continued on his tradition of gaming, and is taking his hobby well past midnight according to expert Elser who says he "games until the wee hours".

Elser did not seem best pleased by the Duke's latest hobby, saying it is a "bit depressing" to contrast Prince Harry between now and before his wedding.

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She wrote: "Things looked like they were only on the up for the royal: He had a fabulous girlfriend who promised to be the best thing to happen to the royal family since they stopped marrying their first cousins and his charity work was going gangbusters."

It was even a "bit depressing" to see "the man of today", she alleged as she questioned the Duke's public image.

Elser even likened the Duke to "a teenager who could do with a shower, stern talking to and a day job."

Harry, who was presumably blasting through Halo three years before the console was announced, is believed to play until the "wee hours".

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