Prince Harry gave brother William ‘thunderous look’, says body language expert

A body language expert claims that Prince Harry may have given his older brother Prince William a “thunderous look”, from where he sat two rows behind.

The two brothers were forced to reunite for the coronation of their father, King Charles III, at Westminster Abbey yesterday (May 6).

Experts claim the pair's relationship remains strained following the Duke of Sussex made controversial accusations against other royals in his tell-all memoir and series of interviews.

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In one image captured during the monumental ceremony, 38-year-old Harry can be seen staring in the direction of his brother, and experts say he isn’t masking his feelings.

Body language expert Judi James told The Sun: “Despite his act of bravado there were some more telling moments and expressions from Harry, like this pensive one when he seemed to glance across at William.

“William is clearly not about to look back here and Harry’s severe side-eye glance suggests he’s sneaking this thunderous look almost unintentionally.

“When we tell ourselves not to do something the brain only tends to hear the suggestion without processing the ‘don’t’ command, suggesting the more Harry was telling himself not to look across at his brother the more he couldn’t stop.”

Despite this, experts claim Prince Harry appeared to be relaxed, sociable, and a “joker” as he arrived at the Abbey.

Judi references a moment where the dad of two mimes heavily pregnant Eugenie’s baby bump to make his cousin and her husband laugh.

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They added: “It was a very counterintuitive act of body language defiance and resilience and a very different, cockier Harry than we have seen on his most recent visits to the UK.”

It’s understood that the Duke of Sussex only remained in the UK, and following the coronation processions he headed to Heathrow Airport to fly back to the US.

The ceremony coincided with his son Archie’s four birthday celebrations, so the Prince made the trip across the pond solo, while his wife Meghan Markle and their children remained in LA.

The publication claims on hour after the ceremony the 38-year-old was seen in a blacked-out electric BMW and was whizzed 20 miles to Heathrow, arriving by police convoy around 2.05 pm.

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Meanwhile, King Charles led his family on to the balcony at Buckingham Palace for the first time as King.

Charles, 74, was cheered by thousands of royal fans to ring in his new reign as King.

The monarch was flanked by his family including Queen Camilla to celebrate a historic coronation ceremony.

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