Police’s theory Nicola Bulley fell into river is rubbished by forensic expert

A leading forensic expert has rubbished police claims that missing mum Nicola Bulley fell into the River Wyre.

The 45-year-old mum-of-two was walking her dog when she went missing on Friday, January 27, near the River Wyre in Lancashire.

She had dropped her children off at school that morning before taking the family pup, Willow, on a walk.

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Ms Bulley, whose phone was found at the scene of her disappearance and logged into a work conference, is now believed by police to have approached the river.

However, Peter Faulding – who is described as a world-leading confined space rescue and forensic search specialist – has claimed this cannot be the case.

And he says police would have found her in the water by now considering they've been searching there for nearly 10 days.

Speaking to GB News, he said: “The amount of searching that's gone on in this river, I would have thought she would have been found by now.

“Normally when a person drowns, if they are left a number of days they don't move very far.

"This is not a fast tidal river, so I would have expected her to be found by the police divers by now.

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“We could have scanned this river with our equipment within the day and seen if there was a body there.

“It's as clear as that, and you know, none of this rings right to me.

“My belief is she's not in not in the river at all.”

The last official update from Lancashire Police came on Friday (February 5), which is when the river theory was announced to the public.

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Superintendent Sally Riley claimed that Nicola “very sadly for some reason she has fallen into the river”.

She added: “We have done a huge amount of work both in terms of searches of the area as well as extensive enquiries which have been going on behind the scenes and based on that work we are as sure as we can be that Nicola has not left the area where she was last seen and that very sadly for some reason she has fallen into the water.

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“There is absolutely nothing to suggest from all the extensive enquiries we have made that anything untoward has happened to her or that there is any third-party involvement in her disappearance.

“This remains a missing person enquiry and we will continue to carry out searches and to do everything we can to find Nicola and provide her family and the community with the answers they desperately need.”

The investigation and search continues.

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