Plastic surgeon suspended for dancing with bags of human fat and skin on TikTok

A plastic surgeon has been temporarily suspended after flaunting a large chunk of removed fat and skin on TikTok from one of her patients.

Caren Trisoglio Garcia, who works at Minha Surgery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, posted several TikTok videos bragging about her "trophy of the day".

In one video, she can be seen smiling and dancing along to lively music while picking up a huge slab of fat and skin she removed from her patients during plastic surgery.

She flips it back and forth in front of the camera and calls it "today's trophy".

Another clip shows her holding a plastic bag of human fat to the camera, which was captioned: “This is the breast.”

She then brandishes another liquid-filled bag and claimed: "This is the underarm fat."

The Regional Medical Board of the State of Sao Paulo, known as Cremesp, temporarily suspended plastic surgeon Caren's licence following the videos she shared on social media.

The board is currently investigating her conduct after announcing the notice on April 8.

If found guilty of misconduct, she may have her licence revoked.

Local media reported that Caren had previously been suspended from the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) for six months after the board found her videos unethical.

The SBCP found that Garcia had violated five of its internal regulations, including sharing images of body parts, even with the patient’s authorisation.

SBCP president Estefano Luiz Favaretto told local news channel EPTV that doctors were outraged when they saw Garcia’s videos and he encouraged the medical board to “take action”.

The surgeon boasts over 643,000 followers and some 11 million "likes" on TikTok, where she also posts videos of herself posing and working out.

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