Pick up a copy of your Daily Star for our special Donald Trump puzzle pullout

The craziest President in American history may have finally admitted he’s leaving the White House.

But you can read all you want about Donald John Trump in a special puzzles pullout for Friday’s Daily Star.

It will be packed with all the facts and fake news you could possibly want about the businessman with weird hair who went from The Apprentice to ruler of the free world.

We’re going to give you a real Trump treat – bigly!

You’ll need more than one cup of covfefe to get through our eight-page special, which will feature some of his most memorable quotes, as well as some of the barely believable stuff he got away with.

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From dishing out advice on injecting bleach to cure Covid-19, to insisting the recent election was fraudulent, it’s all there in black and white and orange.

We’ll also be talking about some of the things he got up to in the 70 years before he became the 45th US President.

So get ready for a pullout nearly as whacky as the man himself.

Love him or loathe him, we’re all going to miss Donald Trump being in the news as much.

Yes, it’s probably better he doesn’t have his finger on the nuclear button anymore.

But for sheer entertainment and gob-smacking front, there was no politician better.

So make sure you grab your copy of Friday’s Daily Star for all matters Donald.

We’re making pullouts great again!

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