Paramedics ‘struggling to get food’ as UK panic buys over lockdown fears

Emergency services have slammed panic buyers across London for not thinking about key support workers who can't get to the shops until the end of the day.

Over the last week, Brits have resorted to panic buying prompted by fears the UK could soon go on lockdown due to the coronavirus.

It started with anti-bacterial hand-gel, then cleaning products, and finally produce, as people ransacked shelves at Tesco, Sainsbury’s Asda, Lidl and Aldi.

Supermarkets have since been forced to impose rationing and alter opening times to cope with demand.

Social media has since been flooded with pictures of barren shops, alongside captions pleading for people to think of the elderly and those in need.

Posting an image of an ambulance worker in an empty store, North West London Ambulance Service asked Brits to think of those “looking after your health”.

North West London Ambulance service said: “A consequence of panic buying… please think of those at work looking after your health or other key workers who can’t get to the shops till the end of the day #COVID19 #ThinkBeforeYouPick.”

Re-posting the image to Facebook, one individual said: “Saw this photo on Facebook and it’s shocking.

“Most of us who work for the NHS can’t shop at normal times and then are left this after stockpilers take it all.

“What sort of community is this?!”

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In a different post, one woman shared an image of a friend’s trolley, who had been working 12 hour shifts.

The trolley contained a small pizza, bacon, uncle been’s rice, crisps, orange juice, gammon and shampoo and conditioner.

She said it was the “first change” her friend had to get to the supermarket and the items were “all she could get for her, her partner and son”.

Urging people to think twice, she said: “Listen up guys, this is the result of #PanicBuying.

“My colleague is on 12 hours shifts this week, she is exhausted.

“It’s the first chance she’s had to get to the supermarket and this is all she could get for her, her partner and son.

“Please show some respect for others. #COVID19UK.”

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