Outrage as scantily-clad teacher bellydances for 7-year-old kids at school

A teacher has sparked outrage after parents spotted her performing a "striptease" and "bellydance" to welcome students as young as seven back to school.

Video shared online shows pupils standing in a playground to watch a "provocatively" dressed female teacher dancing along to some heavy rave music.

The woman, who wears a nude-coloured bra, flaunts her curves and extends her legs in a sultry sheer skirt.

She spins and lifts up her legs in a seductive stance as the students watch in the background.

The incident took place at School Number 76 in Khabraovsk, southeastern Russia and parents have expressed their anger on what they saw on Knowledge Day, the start of the new school year.

Local education chiefs were reportedly outraged by the "belly dance routine performed by the female teacher".

According to Russian media, the education department deemed the performance unacceptable and inappropriate in front of children.

Tatyana Butskaya, head of the Moscow-based Council of Mothers, slammed the performance.

“Today is for schoolchildren – Knowledge Day – associated with school uniforms and bouquets of flowers from pupils for teachers, not extravagant behaviour,” said spokeswoman.

“The younger pupils didn’t understand a thing. The older ones must have been truly embarrassed."

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But some parents backed the unusual start to the academic year.

“Why are some so upset?” asked one. "It’s much better to a festive performance than a military parade."

One mother said: "Everyone liked it. There was not a single word of bad or negative reaction. Everyone was delighted, the dancer was praised.

"It wasn’t some tacky entertainment. It was a dance symbolising a bird, a message of never giving up for the kids."

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