Nuclear doomsday threat is growing in worrying warning from scientists

Nuclear war could be a reality by next year, a group of scientists has warned after worrying developments around the world.

Over 100 medical journals are now firming up a date for the world-ending conflict, which is described as "great and growing" due to the hostilities between Russia and Ukraine.

Stockpiles of nuclear weapons for president Vladimir Putin's country has flared up worries from scientists who believe an all-out conflict would see 200 million people killed.

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The war would threaten the "survival of humanity" as one journal sternly warned, with nuclear weapons putting billions of lives at risk due to a nuclear winter to follow the conflict.

The journal read: "A large-scale nuclear war between the US and Russia could kill 200 million people or more in the near term and potentially cause a global ‘nuclear winter’ that could kill 5–6 billion people, threatening the survival of humanity.

"Any use of nuclear weapons would be catastrophic for humanity.

"Even a 'limited' nuclear war involving only 250 of the 13,000 nuclear weapons in the world could kill 120 million people outright and cause global climate disruption leading to a nuclear famine, putting 2 billion people at risk."

A terrifying update from the 100 medical journals comes as the Doomsday Clock moves to 90 seconds to midnight, signalling how close the world is to all out conflict, New York Post reported.

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The use of the clock has seen experts predict how close the world is to disaster, with the clock moving "the closest to global catastrophe it has ever been."

Further claims from the medical journal warn there is an "urgent public health priority" in getting rid of the nuclear weapons.

They say "abolishing nuclear weapons" is a necessary step as they are the "root cause of the problem", though the likelihood of such an option is unknowable.

The journal added: "The danger is great and growing. The nuclear-armed states must eliminate their nuclear arsenals before they eliminate us."

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