My dream flat is ruined by stinking pee-stained hallways and ashtray carpets

The stench of urine and mess of stubbed-out cigarettes in hallways outside a man's 'dream' flat have left him furious.

Flies have even started swarming communal areas of Goldpence Apartments in Aldgate East in London, according to a resident too scared to reveal his name.

He told MyLondon how "kids spitting in the lift" and doing drugs were the first warning signs that his first home was not all it was cracked up to be.

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Since launching a residents' WhatsApp group, stories from others in the building have done little to put the flat owner's worries at ease.

A bloke says the hallways outside his dream flat "reeks of urine and stubbed-out cigarettes"

He said: "Every day there is sick in the lifts and once I was in bed and I could hear them whacking [a light]."

People have also been using the hallways as a toilet and the carpets are stained yellow and are attracting dozens of flies, he claimed.

When the LDRS visited a few weeks ago, the smell was so putrid the reporter felt nauseous. Despite the building only being around 10 years old, carpets have been turned into ashtrays and are black and burnt from dozens of cigarettes.

The man says the group of culprits are making residents feel "terrified" and trapped inside their own homes. He also claims the culprits have invited friends over and hosted parties in the communal hallways.

He believes the group have also kicked down one of the doors which residents originally needed a fob to enter, and can now be accessed by anyone.

Video evidence captured by residents and seen by the LDRS shows two boys sleeping outside one of the lifts with a box of laughing gas next to them while a resident films them on their phone from behind a door.

The resident bought his home under a shared ownership scheme with Peabody and moved into the property in December 2022.

He told the LDRS his annual service charge is £2,500 but as of April 2023, this increased by £240 per month.

He says despite repeatedly contacting Peabody about the issues he claims little action has been taken and the group is still running rife and making residents' lives hell.

The man says he has also experienced similar issues with FirstPort, a property management service that handles the communal areas of the building.

A spokesperson for FirstPort said: "The safety of our customers at Goldpence Apartments is an absolute priority and we completely understand their frustrations when they are impacted by the ASB that sadly occurs.

"Our on-site colleagues do everything they can to proactively manage the impact of anti-social behaviour, with cleaning and repairs happening on a daily basis.

"In addition, we will be installing CCTV across the communal areas to enable us to report incidents more effectively, working closely with [Peabody] and the police to strengthen the overall response."

The urine-stained carpets are in the process of being replaced by concrete flooring, according to FirstPort. The property management service has also asked Peabody to "take further action" in stopping the group of people from causing disruption and vandalising the communal areas.

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A spokesperson for Peabody said: "Along with our fellow leaseholders at Goldpence, we are increasingly frustrated at the ongoing issues in the block.

"We have raised them with the managing agent, FirstPort, and will be pushing for a resolution as soon as possible.

"FirstPort manages the communal areas of the building on behalf of the freeholder. As a leaseholder of 64 homes here, we will be meeting FirstPort next week to discuss residents’ concerns, including measures to improve security."


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