‘My daughter wore ripped jeans to school so teacher duct taped her exposed skin’

A mum was left fuming when her daughter's school teacher allegedly covered her child's exposed skin with duct tape.

The parent, from US, said the red tape was covered across her legs on her daughter's ripped jeans and it was giving her allergic reactions.

Taking the matter seriously, the parent went to the school and complained about the mistreatment.

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In the video she posted on TikTok, she walked into the school teachers' office and asked: "Did you think it was acceptable to put duct tape on my daughter's skin?"

The teacher mentioned the school policy before she chimed in: "It's a policy to put duct tape on a child's skin."

She then explained that her daughter has eczema and sensitive skin, meaning the duct tape could irritate her skin on legs.

The fuming mum blasted in the post: "Am I overreacting, or am I justified in being pissed off that the school thought it was acceptable to put duct tape on my child's skin?

"I feel the school should have called me if they needed her to change her pants.

"She was humiliated and had to hide it by tying her coat around the front of her."

The parent said her daughter had worn the same pair of jeans to school before and received no complaint.

The mum was not satisfied about the way the school handled the matter and believed they had no excuse to use the duct tape.

Viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, with many agreeing with her that she's not a bad parent.

One penned: "I can't believe the school didn't call you first! I've had problems with things happening and I don't find out unitl afterwards."

"This is ridiculous on the school! Nothing wrong with the jeans! So tired of this crap of bullies attacking children." a third added.

She posted the school's dress code policy in another video, in which it stated the Board of Education expects students' "dress and grooming to be neat, clean and in keeping with community standard".

It added: "Apparel is expected to conform to reasonable student standards of modesty, and as such, no excessive or inappropriate areas of skin or undergarment may be exposed."


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