Mum who gave birth to nonuplets goes through 100 nappies and 6l of milk a day

A record-breaking mum who gave birth to nine newborn babies has admitted she was only expecting seven.

Halima Cisse, 26, naturally conceived the nonuplets who since being born in Casablanca, Morocco on May 5, have got through 100 nappies and six litres of milk a day.

The new mother told MailOnline that she was left in "total shock" when "an endless stream of babies" were taken out of her via a caesarian.

After one month Ms Cisse was out of breast milk.

The infants were born weighing between the equivalent of a bread loaf and a litre bottle of water and immediately placed in incubators at the Ain Borja clinic's intensive care unit.

A team of 35 doctors and nurses have since been caring for the nine babies around the clock, with their exhausted mum Halima spending half an hour with them a couple of times a day to 'bond'.

Ms Cisse said: "It was a total shock when I found out that I was having nine babies because I thought it was going to be seven.

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"As the babies were coming out, there were so many questions going through my mind. I was very aware of what was going on and it seemed as if there was an endless stream of babies coming out of me.

"My sister was holding my hand but all I could think about was how would I look after them and who was going to help me?"

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Halima revealed to MailOnline that she is still recovering from the birth three months on.

During her pregnancy, she was moved from her home in Mali where she lives with her husband Mr Arby, to Morocco for specialist care.

The couple were told by doctors in Mali that their seven babies had less than half a chance that any of surviving.

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As a result, Mali's President of Transition Bah N'Daw hoped to improve the odds by ordering Ms Cisse's transfer to the north of the continent.

The Malian government has reportedly spent £1million on ensuring the babies receive the best possible treatment, which is expected to continue for another two months.

Ms Cisse said: "It's a lot of work and I still feel very weak. My pregnancy was very difficult, and I need a lot of rest.

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"Giving birth to one child is hard enough but having nine is unimaginable. It's astonishing the amount of work that is involved in looking after them. I'm grateful to the medical team that are doing all the hard work and the Government of Mali for funding this.'

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