Motorway drivers raging at Mini driver tootling along middle lane at 20mph

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Shocking video shows a motorist forcing other drivers to take evasive action on the M1 as she slows down to just 20mph while resetting her sat nav.

The footage captures A Thap Quan, 48, creeping along in her Mini One on the northbound carriageway while other traffic bombs past her.

Officials activated the motorway’s matrix signs to close lanes one and two before a Highways Agency officer signalled Quan to pull over in the slow lane, reports Northants Live.

But even after the officer spoke to her and told her to head to the motorway services, she continued to toddle along slowly before coming to a standstill again and using her phone to ask a friend how to work her sat nav.

The appalling driving happened on August 15 last year.

Quan, from Darlington, appeared at Northampton Magistrates Court on March 28, where she pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous driving.

She was given a one-year driving ban and fined £450, as well as being told to pay costs of £340.

After the case, PC Mo Allsopp-Clarke said: “When the highways officer spoke to Quan, she admitted that she was trying to reset her sat nav whilst driving.

“He advised her to drive the short distance to Watford Gap services, but when Quan drove off she again drove extremely slowly, before coming to a stop whilst using her phone to ask someone how to operate the sat nav.

“The highways officer continued to follow Quan, who drove off at 35mph and moved back into lane two.

"She remained at this speed before driving past the services towards junction 18.

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“She then cut across from lane two onto the slip road – driving over the hatch markings – and drove around the roundabout, rejoining the M1 on the southbound carriageway.”

PC Allsopp-Clarke said driving could have ended in disaster.

He added: “The dash-cam footage captured Quan driving at slow speeds, which was a danger not only to her but to other motorists and could have very easily ended in tragic consequences.

“I’m pleased the courts have dealt with the driver positively.”

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