Most miraculous plane crash survivors after 21 somehow escape fireball wreck

All 21 people on board a horror plane crash miraculously survived after a jet went down on the way from Houston, Texas, to Boston.

Somehow only two people required treatment for minor injuries when the McDonnell Douglas MD-87 aircraft failed to reach the correct altitude, according to reports.

It subsequently rolled through a nearby fence at the end of the runway before catching fire, and it was turned into a fireball wreck.

The plane was carrying baseball fans to watch a crucial championship match between the Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox.

The winner of the seven-game series will reach the World Series.

These survivors are not the first to have a seemingly miraculous escape. Here are some other lucky people who somehow walked away from the wreckage despite impossible odds.

Bahia Bakari

French schoolgirl Bahia Bakari was the sole survivor of Yemenia Flight 626 when it went down in the Indian Ocean near the island of Comoros.

The then-12-year-old, who could barely swim, was the only one of 153 people on board to survive in June 2009.

She clung to a piece of wreckage for hours before he was found by rescuers as she had no life vest. Bahia was flown to France to be treated for burns and broken bones.

Bahia was dubbed "the miracle girl" by the world's media and she had to be convinced that she had been in a plane crash.

She believed she had fallen from the plane after pressing her forehead too hard against its windows.

Her mother died in the plane crash but she has made a full recovery.

Uruguay rugby team

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A chartered flight carrying a rugby team from Uruguay's capital Montevideo to Santiago, Chile, crashed high in the Andes mountains in October 1972.

What followed was a remarkable story of survival with some of the 29 initial survivors even having to resort to cannibalism as food supplies diminished.

Rescuers gave up after 10 days of searching for the wreckage, assuming that no one could have survived in the punishing mountain range for that length of time.

Realising they would have to seek help themselves, two of the strongest survivors – Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa – trekked across the mountains without any proper gear for 10 days before coming across a farmer who could raise the alarm.

After they had alerted the authorities, the remaining 14 survivors were rescued from the crash site – 72 days after the plane went down.

Juliane Koepcke

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Juliane was just 17 when LANSA Flight 508 crashed over the Amazon rainforest in Peru after a lightning strike.

She was the only survivor of the 92 people on the plane as she fell two miles through the air still strapped to her seat.

Despite a broken collarbone, a deep gash to her right arm, an eye injury and concussion, she was able to trek through the dense jungle for 10 days and found shelter in a local hut.

She had to fight off mosquitoes and ravishing hunger before fishermen found her and took her by canoe back to civlisation.

Her arm also became infested with maggots. Remembering her dad's advice, she poured petrol on it and picked them out after being rescued.

Juliane's mum, who was fat in the seat next to her, said with her final words: "That is the end, it's all over."

As many as 14 other passengers were found to have survived the initial crash but died awaiting rescue.

Juliane's astonishing survival story has been the subject of much speculation.

She is known to have been belted into her seat, somewhat shielded and cushioned, but the outer seats of the row on either side of her are thought to have functioned as a parachute and slowed her fall.

The impact may have been lessened further by a thunderstorm updraft and the thick foliage at her landing site.

Vesna Vulovic

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Flight attendant Vesna Vulovic was the only survivor when a suspected terrorist planted a bomb on board JAT Yugoslav Airlines Flight 357.

It blew the jet apart mid-air above former Czechoslovakia in January 1972.

Vesna is in the Guinness Book of Records for the highest fall without a parachute at a terrifying 33,333ft.

After being trapped by a food cart during the fall, she was left in a coma with injuries including a fractured skull, three broken vertebrae and two broken legs.

Despite the horrifying experience, Vesva later said she had no fear of flying. She said: "To this day I enjoy travelling and have no fear of flying."

Vesna died in December 2016 aged 66.

Ruben van Assouw

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Ruben van Assouw, nine, was the only survivor after an Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A330 crashed just short of the runway of Libya's Tripoli airport.

His dad Patrick, mum Trudy and brother Enzo were among the 103 people who died in the accident in 2010.

Pulled unconscious from the wreckage, he underwent surgery for fractured legs and made a full recovery.

Ruben now lives with his aunt and uncle in his native Netherlands.

A planned return to Libya was reportedly cancelled because of the fighting that followed the country's revolution.

Maria Nelly Murillo and her one-year-old son

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Colombian teenager Maria Nelly Murillo and her infant son somehow survived for five days in the jungle after their plane crash.

A Colombian Air Force chief described their survival as "a miracle" after the pair were found by rescuers near to where their small Cessna plane crashed.

The pilot of the Cessna was found dead in the cockpit, but rescuers were given a glimmer of hope when they noticed the cabin door was ajar and there was no trace of Maria and her baby's remains.

Col Hector Carrascal of the Colombian Air Force said: "It's a miracle."

Of the baby, who was miraculously unharmed, he said: "His mother's spirit must have given him the strength to survive."

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