Monster paedo Rolf Harris disgusted brutal lags with constant farting in prison

Monster paedophile Rolf Harris, who died today at the age of 93, had disgusted the brutal lags locked up with him during his time behind bars with his flatulence.

It was not just his heinous crimes and historic abuse of young girls but his constant, chronic wind annoyed fellow inmates.

Thrown behind bars following a guilty verdict, where the disgraced children's entertainer was slapped with a five year sentence for sex attacks on four young girls, Harris left fellow prisoner furious.

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It was his chronic flatulence that prisoners living alongside the at-the-time 86-year-old had trouble with, as he insisted on eating spicy foods and chocolate.

Coupling his terrible diet with a long-running medical issue, and the whiff coming from his cell in Stafford Prison was described as smelling like "the drains have gone off".

His cell mates at Stafford Prison were reportedly fed up with the paedo, as the Daily Star reported around the time of his incarceration.

A friend of the flatulent Australian's family said at the time: "His inmates are always complaining about him. If it’s starting to smell a bit like the drains have gone off you can always bet that it’s Rolf who’s behind it.

"He eats tons of curries and even follows it all up with a bar of chocolate or two."

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Harris served three of his five years and nine months sentence

The disgraced entertainer died today (May 23) at the age of 93, following reports late last year that he was suffering from neck cancer and being fed through a tube.

His family confirmed he had been "laid to rest" by the time his death was publicly revealed by a registrar at Maidenhead Town Hall.

Monstrous paedo Harris spent his final years in seclusion, not making any statements to the public from 2019 until his death this afternoon.

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