Monster moths spotted in UK as people frightened by absolute unit insects

Monster moths have been spotted in the UK with shocked onlookers joking whether we are in 'Britain or Australia?'

Two sightings were logged in the space of 24 hours this week by Brits on the r/CasualUK Reddit page.

The first of the goliath insects appeared looking through one person's window. Sharing an image of it, they wrote: "This absolute unit of a moth that hit my window. Looking like he's coming to claim a debt."

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Someone in the comments section identified it as an Oak Eggar moth, one of Britain's largest moths with a wingspan of up to 7.5cm.

"Turn off the lights and hide. Hopefully it’ll find a new focus," one Reddit user suggested.

A second joked: "Checking if you need a TV licence."

"He knows you've got a lamp in there," quipped another.

The second sighting was identified by a Reddit user as a Hawk moth, capable of having a wingspan of up to 10cm.

Sharing an image of the creepy-looking beast, the person who spotted it asked: "Mate where am I, Australia or England?"

"Is a hawk moth, I think they’re becoming more common coz I’ve seen a lot more this year than I have before [sic]," one Reddit user replied.

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Another joked: "You'd know if you were in Australia – that thing would be 6ft wide and carrying your first born off back to its lair."

A third added: "If you were in Australia, it would have spit venom into your eyes permanently blinding you. At that point, it would have laid eggs in your skull."

According to Prokill, moths are most active in the UK from May until October, with your chances of spotting a big one higher around the start of summer.


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